Annual General Meeting, Monday July 16th.

BBTA Grand Final Match Results held at Drouin Tennis Club on Saturday March 17th.

8.00am Start

Section 5

Courts 1&2

Grand Final:  Trafalgar vs Drouin Gold. 

Premiers: Drouin Gold

Sandy Norling, Caleb Kriesl, Daniel Marshall, Jonah Pollot


Runners Up: Trafalgar

Noah Smith, Flinders Cane, Harry Pace, Eva Istraty, Alyssa Giles.


Section 7

Courts 5&6

Grand Final:  Warragul vs Buln Buln.

Premiers: Warragul

Brodie Burleigh, Taj Irwin, Keira Luke, Charlotte Waller, Angus Dumsmuir.


Runners Up: Buln Buln

Toby McDougal, Kayden Macpherson, Noah Osler,Daniel Lucardi, Arti Davidson


9.30am Start

Section 1

Courts 3&4

Grand Final:  Warragul North White vs Drouin White.

Premiers: Warragul North White

Josh Bloye, Arlie Fleming, Flynn Bethune, Tim Bloye, Cody Fleming


Runners Up: Drouin White

Reece Asmus, Liam Brock, Will Kent, Darcy Britt, Mitchell Young


Section 2

Courts 5&6

Grand Final: Warragul Blue vs Warragul Red.

Premiers: Warragul Blue

Mitch Nunan, Drew Cahill, Flynn Hammond, Adele Hammond, Charlotte Ochsenbein

Runners Up: Warragul Red

Hugh Lyons Mills, Corey Maric, Nicholas McPhee, Amelia Andrews, Zak Kenny

Section 4

Courts 1&2

Grand Final: Trafalgar vs Drouin Maroon.

Premiers: Trafalgar

Kai Kondo, Sam Kondo, Campbell Young, Trent Burgess


Runners Up: Drouin Maroon

Brodie Atkins, Tom Mapleson, Keegan Friedlander, Jenna Friedlander, Alex Radcliffe, Sidney Awty


**Notice to all players.**

All scoring to be called out prior to the start of each point.

Clear and concise lines call at all times.

A reminder that if any part of the ball touches the line then the ball is called in.

Please show good sportsmanship and court etiquette to your opponents and surrounding matches.

Wait for play to finish before entering and exiting court.

Acknowledge the baseline prior to serving.





BBTA SINGLES TOURNAMENT- The Baw Baw Tennis Association 2017/18 Singles Tournament was held on Sunday, February 18th 2018.

The weather gods were on side this year with perfect conditions for tennis. There were approximately 50 entrants from the association clubs. Some outstanding tennis was played by all competitors and the sportsmanship displayed was faultless.

The morning started at 8.30am with the boys 11 & Under, boys 13 & Under and the girls 13 & Under. This was followed by a 10.30am start for the 15 & Under and the 18 & Under boys and girls.

Round Robin and Knock out formats were played in the various categories which made for a great day of junior tennis.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up players and to all the players that competed in this tournament.


Results below.

Boys 11 & Under –                                                                                         

Runners Up- Will Kent (Drouin)   

Winner- Regan Awty (Drouin)


Girls 13 & Under-

Runners Up- Kyra Manukau (Drouin)

Winner – Prell White (Buln Buln)

Boys 15 & Under

Runners Up- Tim Bloye (Warragul Nth)

Winner- Josh Bloye (Warragul Nth)

Girls 15 & Under-

Runners Up – Kyra Manukau (Drouin)

Winner- Alex Radcliffe (Drouin)

Boys 18 & Under

Runners Up- Jordan Trenneman (Drouin)

Winner- Drew Cahill (Warragul)

Girls 18 & Under

Runners Up- Alex Radcliffe (Drouin)

Winner- Cassidy Holland (Drouin)

BBTA Semi Finals- Saturday February 24th- Sections 2&5


BBTA Preliminary Finals- Saturday March 3rd- Sections 1, 4 & 7

Grand Finals- Saturday March 17th- Sections 1, 2, 4, 5 & 7.

(Section 9 players are invited to come along and support the higher sections)





1.  Season Start Date

Round 1 of the 2017/2018 season will commence on Saturday 14th October, 2017.

click here for

BBTA playing dates 2017 – 2018

The draws for the season are now available on the website on the “DRAWS” tab and also listed below.

Draws for Baw Baw Tennis Association.

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 1 2017-18 

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 2 2017-18 

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 4 2017-18 

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 5 2017-18

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 7 2017-18

Baw Baw Tennis Association Section 9 2017-18

2. Tournament dates

BBTA SINGLES TOURNAMENT – The Baw Baw Tennis Association 2017/18 Singles Tournament will be held on Sunday, February 18th 2018.

This tournament is open to players who play within the Baw Baw Tennis Association


Keep posted for new events and info.



Welcome to the Baw Baw Tennis Association

The Baw Baw Tennis Association is the governing body for a local Junior Tennis competition played across a number of towns in the Baw Baw Shire, in beautiful West Gippsland, Victoria.  The B.B.T.A.  is made up of the following clubs: Buln Buln, Drouin, Neerim District, Trafalgar, Warragul, Warragul North and Yarragon.    The Association fields sections ranging from Pennant (our top section), through to Section 9 (our beginners section).

Section 9 is the beginners section where our youngest players first learn the game.   Parents initially assist the children and matches are played using compression balls, making it easier for smaller children to hit and rally.  Our Section 9’s don’t play finals, but continue to play matches over the finals weeks.

Our lower sections (Sections 5 – 9) start at 8:00am on a Saturday morning and are finished by 9:30am.  Our higher Sections (Pennant – Section 4) start at 9:30am on a Saturday morning and are finished by 12:00pm.

The season commences in  October and runs through to the finals which are held in mid to late March.   There is a break commencing just prior to Christmas through until the end of the January school holidays where no matches are played.

Clubs submit team entries to the Association  by early September for grading.   Clubs endeavour to enter teams with players of similar ability.  Teams are then graded and put into sections to play against other teams of a similar standard.

The B.B.T.A. holds two closed tournaments throughout the season; a section based doubles tournament and an age based singles tournament.  The tournaments are always well attended and enjoyed by players and parents.

If you would like to play tennis or find out more, visit our  Clubs page to find your nearest local club.  Our clubs are always looking for new players of any standard and would love to hear from you.





Baw Baw Tennis Association